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Have a question? Email us or Call us TODAY! at 888-381-6735, and one of our sales professionals will be happy to assist you.

  • Sales 888-381-6735
    • BC Roberts Photo
      BC Roberts
      General Sales Manager
      Phone : 303-754-0123
    • Sales Manager
      Phone : 303-754-0123
      Nick McIntosh
      Sales Manager
      Phone : 303-754-0123

      I am a Colorado native. I am married and I have a one-year-old son. I?m an avid Bronco fan, and I spend my free time with my family and working in the yard.

    • Don Schroeder Photo
      Don Schroeder
      Fleet Director
      Phone : (303) 210-6282
    • Commercial Sales Consultant
      Phone : (303) 358-6399
      Roger Breeding
      Commercial Sales Consultant
      Phone : (303) 358-6399

      Roger was born in Marysville Kansas. He is married with two children. Roger owned grocery stores in Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa until 1991. He started with Ed Bozarth Chevrolet in 1991, specializing in Commercial, as well as New and Pre-Owned cars!

    • Sales Consultant
      Phone : 720-379-9193
      Tim Cook
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : 720-379-9193

      Experience: 26 yrs. I'm married with three boys. Justin 23 who is married and going into the Air Force. Blake 17 who is graduating trade school in the spring and Tim Jr. who is in the sixth grade. I've been in this business since I was 11 and started as a lot man on my brother's hot rod car lot. If it says Chevrolet on it, it excites me! I think we sell the finest product on the market and look forward to a long and successful career at Ed Bozarth Chevrolet.

    • Bryan Stanker Photo
      Bryan Stanker
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : 720-961-9794
    • Shaquille James Photo
      Shaquille James
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : 720-439-3767
    • Christopher Hayden Photo
      Christopher Hayden
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : 720-379-9034
    • David Curtis Photo
      David Curtis
      Sales Consultant
    • Essie Hill Photo
      Essie Hill
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : (303) 754-0123
    • Tom Freeman Photo
      Tom Freeman
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : (303) 754-0123
    • Devon Finn Photo
      Devon Finn
      Fleet & Commercial Account Manager
      Phone : (303) 858-2156
    • Chad Socha Photo
      Chad Socha
      Certified Technician Expert
    • C.J. Ibarra Photo
      C.J. Ibarra
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : 303-858-2422
    • Timothy Langford Photo
      Timothy Langford
      Pre-Owned Manager
      Phone : 303-858-2457
    • Sales Consultant
      Phone : 720-439-3754
      Jack Rein
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : 720-439-3754

      Jack is a native of St. Louis, MO. I have been in Denver for 30 years. Jack?s son is an Electrical Engineer with Xcel Energy in Denver, CO. I was a Marketing Manager for new home building companies in the Denver Metro area for 20 years. I have been at the Park Meadows location for 10 years. Come in and Say Hello and fill your garage with a New or Pre-Owned vehicle. Give me a call at 720-BUY-SOON, and say Hello!

    • Jim  Wright Photo
      Jim  Wright
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : 720-439-3765
    • Mark Snyder Photo
      Mark Snyder
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : (303) 754-0123

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