Before Your Interview, Consider Completing the Following:

  • Research the Automotive Industry
  • Research our dealership
  • Consider why you want to work for our dealership
  • Consider what makes you believe you would be a good addition to our team
  • Develop questions you have for our team that you would like to learn about the opportunity
  • Reflect on specific previous experiences that support your position(s)

Be Prepared to Provide Answers to the Following:

  • "How many years of experience do you have in sales, customer service rolls, or mechanics?"
  • "Please detail your previous experience and how you would be a good fit for Bozarth Chevrolet."
  • "Being a family run small business gives us agility and a focus on doing what's right for our people - both our employees and our customers. What does this mean to you, and please provide an example."
  • "The Bozarth family has been in the automotive business for almost 100 years and has run a consumer dealer in Colorado since the 1980's. This long history means we know how to succeed and what it takes to make this business work. What are qualities you believe make a successful business and a thriving workplace?"
  • "We have the largest inventory in Colorado, which means more to sell and more to service and warranty. What are ways you would be a Bozarth brand ambassador and what tactics would you use to put the most money in your pocket?"
  • "Working here is so rewarding. We have a lot of fun and yes, we work hard, but we do it together. Do you have any specific experiences in which teamwork was a focus, and if so, what was the result?"
  • "Do you have any questions for us regarding the role?"

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