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Brakes are much more than just your brake pedal. Pressing down on the pedal is just the first step in a complex process that ensures your vehicle stops safely, preventing collisions and accidents from occurring. That's why it's so important to make sure your brakes are functioning at the highest level. Luckily, the expert service team at Bozarth Chevrolet has all the tools, parts, and experience to help keep your brakes in excellent condition with routine service. Let us help you with all your Chevy service needs today!

How Can I Tell If My Brakes Need Servicing? 

Having healthy brakes means experiencing smoother stops and more secure driving. We carefully check your brake pads, brake fluid, and other system components to ensure everything is in perfect working order. But, there are signs you can watch out for that can indicate your brakes need servicing. These signs include:

  • Loud Squealing or Metallic Scratching Noises
  • Long Pedal Travel Distance
  • Decreased Stopping Power

When Should You Get Your Brakes Serviced?

We typically recommend that you get your brakes checked every 12,000 miles or once a year, whatever comes first. Our expert service technicians are trained to understand the needs of your brakes, providing professional care and expert hands to replace or make any repairs that they need. This may include replacing the brake fluid, which we will remove from your vehicle and replace with fresh fluid that is up to Chevrolet's standards. Our goal is to ensure your vehicle is running at peak performance level and that your brakes, and all its components, are ready for the road.


Want to Replace Your Own Brakes? 

If you'd rather handle your brakes yourself, we're happy to accommodate! Follow the steps below, which will help guide you through the process of removing parts and replacing them with new, high-quality options.

  • Remove the wheel
  • Remove the slider bolt
  • Pivot the caliper up
  • Slide out the old brake pads
  • Replace the retaining clips
  • Slide in the new brake pads
  • Retract the pistons
  • Monitor the brake fluid level
  • Reposition the caliper
  • Reinstall the slider bolt
  • Repeat the previous steps for the other tire
  • Test-drive under safe conditions to ensure your replacement was don't correctly
Even if you aren't confident in your ability to replace your brakes, schedule an appointment with our service team! We'll get you in for an appointment quickly and provide top-notch service care for your Chevy's brakes!


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